The Saint Nicholas George & Evlavia Doulaveris Preschool

43-09 196th Street Flushing, NY 11358

The Saint Nicholas George and Evlavia Doulaveris Preschool Our Preschool was established in 2000 in order to provide our community with an Orthodox Christian learning environment for young minds. We are a certified program that abides by the codes set forth by the New York Dept. of Health. We are licensed to accept children aged two years and nine months through five years and six months. Our goal is to provide a creative and safe learning environment where every child is special.

Our Staff

Our staff is Certified in Early Childhood Education.  The assistants have Certificates in Early Childhood Development.  All members of the staff have been fingerprinted and cleared by the State Central Registry as we follow the codes of the New York City Health Department.  Every class has a certified group teacher and a trained assistant teacher.  The most essential quality a teacher must have to be at our unique school is a true love for young children.


Our curriculum is designed to support the standards which are required for success in Kindergarten.  The staff encourages the development of the whole child in all domains of learning.  It is our philosophy that every child must feel comfortable and proud of their work in order to develop positive attitudes towards future learning.


Literacy skills are developed through select early childhood literature.  Author Studies are an essential part of our literacy program.  Our classrooms are rich in print, encouraging a love for reading.  We believe success in reading is a corner stone to school success.


Competence in math is developed through everyday activities such as clapping a rhythmic pattern, sorting buttons, counting cookies agt snack and other daily activities.  Every classroom is equipped with manipulative and programs enhancing mathematical development.

Social Studies

Social Studies are a valued part of our curriculum.  Exploring other countries and customs broadens their horizons, building an understanding of culture.


Our children are taught that they are special because they are God’s children.  An introduction to the Orthodox faith is accomplished through age appropriate literature, attending liturgies and a simple introduction to the feasts of the Church.  As children explore at this young age, they are taught all is rooted in the knowledge of God.

Physical Activities

We utilize a state of the art gymnasium which is located in the William Spyropoulos School.  Through various age appropriate activities, small and gross motor skills are developed.  Our teachers have been trained at the Spark Workshop, which is an early childhood curriculum for physical activities.


The children are exposed to different kinds of music and a variety of musical instruments.  Singing songs as a group and playing our instruments on a daily basis helps to develop musical expression.  Our Prekindergarten children learn the fundamentals of playing the musical recorder.  We are proud of their accomplishments which can be heard at our Graduation Ceremony.


An introduction to the Greek language begins in our Nursery Program.  The children learn songs, prayers and conversational skills. Our Prekindergarten children enjoy a structured Greek lesson daily.  We make certain that second language acquisition is fun.

Contact Us

Please call us at 718-357-0800 to make an appointment to visit our School, where you will see smiling faces and hear the laughter of children having a wonderful learning experience.

Greek Orthodox Shrine Church of St. Nicholas - 196-10 Northern Blvd. - Flushing, NY - 11358 - (718) 357-4200